Ducks of a Log

A raft of ducks on a log in the river.


It's Spring - The Boys are Showing Off!

As signs of spring slowly emerge, the snow melts once again, some days are warmer and the lot of rain.  The male wild turkeys are displaying their tail feathers in a dance to attract the females.  This photograph was taken with my Canon 7D Mark II and a Sigma 150-600 mm lens set at 300 mm.  The shutter speed was set at 1/400 second, the aperture was set at f6.3 and the ISO was set at 6400 in the low light of the morning.

Male Turkeys Strutt Their Stuff

Male Turkeys Strutt Their Stuff

Heron Landing

One summer day after many days to photographing herons flying away I was able to capture this photograph of the Great Blue Heron slowing down for a landing on a near by log.  His wings were spread wide showing the full colours of his wing feathers as they flutter in the air.  This photograph was taken with my Canon 7D and a 400 mm lens.  The shutter speed was set to 1\2000 second. with an aperture setting of f5.6 and ISO of 1600.


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Great Blue Heron Landing

Great Blue Heron Landing